Make Photos Sharp, Cool Quickly using PerfPhoto in Windows 8

PerfPhoto is a free and fantastic app of windows 8 used to edit different photos of yours and your friends. it gives a very sharpen and cool look to your picture. The interface of this app is designed in a very unique way to keep its users known about its various features easily. Running of this app is kept very smooth and you will love its converting speed of a photo in a few seconds. It does all the work quickly. A screenshot of interface of this app is shown below:
Perfphoto Windows 8

You can have this app from the Windows 8 App store or you could easily just go to the last of this article to get the downloading link of this beautiful app.

How to use PerfPhoto App          

Once, you have installed this app in your windows machine, run from its icon present in the windows Metro UI. You will see a window will pop-up like the above shown screenshot. A screenshot of the different functions present in this app is shown below:

PerfPhoto Windows 8

Function in PerfPhoto App 

You can see the different options present in this app for editing photos present in your file. Open the folder using Open Folder and choose the photo which you want to modify or give a beautiful look. There is a feature of taking Photos using your webcam and then you can use this taken photo for the editing purposes. Once you are done with all the changes you have made on your photo, you can save it directly to your local folder using Save option. However, if you are not satisfied with the changes being done you can simply cancel the editing part.

There is a feature of zoom in this app using which you can zoom in or zoom out the opened photo. There is a feature of resize which is used for proper resizing of the photo being edited. At last, there is a special feature of this app and that is Effects using which you can add several attractive and amazing effects to your photo like: sepia, Toy Camera, Threshold, Saturation, Negativity, Grayscale etc.

Key Features of PerfPhoto App

  1. It is very much simple and put easy for users.
  2. One Click Image Effect.
  3. Load your picture directly from file by clicking App bar button.
  4. Save time for changing each image’s size manually.
  5. Free of Cost.


PerfPhoto is a fantastic app to try in your windows machine if you are willing to do a little and basic changes to your photos. Owing to its very small size, it will not take much space of your processor and you can create an amazing photo out of the existing photos quickly. Looking at its overall feature, it is a must try app. You can download this app from the link provided below:

Get PerfPhoto Here

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