How to manage Samsung Smartphone wirelessly with Kies Air app

Samsung Smartphone has been nominated as top brand of 2012. Today Samsung galaxy and Note series has covered worldwide mobile markets with great enthusiasm. With Android version on latest Samsung smartphone, it’s  handy features has been admired a lot.

Sometimes we need a compatible app to manage Samsung Smartphone from our laptop or desktop. In this context, we are cognizant to Samsung Kies desktop software to control Samsung mobiles.

For Samsung Android device, an app Samsung Kies Air is available. The Kies Air app lets us to establish Wi-Fi connection between Samsung Smartphone and tablet with the computer. This app  completes each task with computer web browser and presents a graphical front-end to control Samsung devices.

kies air app for samsung

How to access Kies Air app on Samsung tablet or smartphone

Step – 1

At first download Kies Air app on Samsung Smartphone or tablet. In Samsung Note II Kies Air, already preloaded.

Download Samsung Kies Air

Step – 2

Next we have to connect Samsung mobile devices with Wi-Fi network of laptop or desktop.

Step – 3

Start Kies Air app and tap on Start option. Here note the URL address that become visible

samsung kies air app showing url

Step – 4

Now launch any web browser of laptop and type the full URL address along with the port number on the browser URL tab.

Step – 5

Then four- digit PIN prompts on Samsung device. Just insert the PIN into the web browser to start log-in.

showing kies air app pin

As soon as the wireless connection is made successfully between both platforms, we get the screen containing Samsung device into the web browser. It displays several control option like photos, videos, ringtones, call logs, contacts and many more. Thus, we are ready to manage Samsung Smartphone contents rightly by Kies Air app.

samsung kies air app

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