Media Player Classic / MPC-HC 1.9.0 Released with Dark Mode Support

MPC-HC 1.9.0 aka Media Player Classic has been rolled out with Dark Mode, modern toolbars and LAV Filters.

MPC-HC 1.9.0

There are a number of media players that work well on Windows but MPC-HC is awesome among them. The software has got update 1.9.0 with some important feature like dark mode .

In addition, MPC-HC 1.9.0 updated the LAV Filters which is independent of the codecs in the system. After restarting the player, it will appear with multiple toolbars and a modern search bar.

MPC-HC 1.9.0 Features, improvements, and fixes

Here are the main MPC-HC 1.9.0 features, improvements, and fixes –

  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-31-ge94f9
  • The software update added a dark theme option for the GUI. You can enable it through – Menu => View => Dark theme
  • The dark theme also includes a more advanced-looking seek bar. You can arrange seekbar height from – Options => Advanced
  • Added option for vertical alignment of the video. This, for example, allows you to have a black bar only below the video.
  • Custom toolbar button file is now loaded using these filenames – toolbar.
  • MPC-HC 1.9.0 added support for playing contents of not compressed RAR5 archives. Earlier only RAR4 was supported.
  • The update added manual search functionality to the subtitle download results window.
  • Enhanced positioning of PGS subtitles.
  • Media Player Classic 1.9.0 brings some optimizations for subtitle texture size. This should increase performance on systems with multiple screens furthermore reduce GPU memory usage.
  • The music player added column sorting and a “search/filter” feature to the keybindings options page.
  • Company has hardcoded the OpenSubtitles or SubDB subtitle providers supported languages. Hence the player no longer needs to connect to the network every time the subtitle options page is viewed.
  • When you reload a stream with CTRL + E will now call youtube-dl repeatedly to get a new URL.
  • Added necessary support for MPC-HC Video Renderer. Go to Pan&Scan, Subtitles, plus Hardware decoding work with this new renderer. OSD, Rotation, and Shaders don’t work but these will be added in forthcoming update.
  • The update fixes Crash that occurred while detaching a (cloned) monitor during playback.
  • The solution for D3D exclusive not working when transitioning to fullscreen a second time is brought.
  • MPC-HC 1.9.0 fixed Restored window size that got occasionally wrong due to DPI settings
  • The release fixed Intel driver bug where Brightness and Hue values of -100 are unsupported.


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