How to activate metered Wi-Fi connection in Windows 8

Windows 8 has produced enhanced features in order to make better wireless connectivity. In the context, I have written useful guide earlier like configure Wi-Fi connection and airplane mode in windows 8. And now, Windows 8 has revealed fresh characteristics as metered wireless connections.

Once meter Wi-Fi connection is activated, you can manage data usage with data limit option and prevent unnecessary data transfers. Several effectual results are revealed from metered Wi-Fi connection in the Windows 8 which has been given as follow –

  • The built-in Windows Update tools will only download necessary update patches.
  • Easy to stop download new apps from the Windows Store.
  • Unable to start update process on the start screen tiles.
windows 8 metered connection

How to Activate Metered wireless connection –

  • Move your mouse cursor near connection icon in the right panel of the taskbar and click on Wi-Fi icon.
windows 8 wifi connection icon
  • Then you will prompt Network tab in the left panel with entire active connections. Here choose this option – Set as metered connection
  • Thus the metered connection will be activated.
set as metered connection on wifi

How to Deactivate data usage over metered connection in Windows 8 –

With Windows 8, two modes of metered connection settings are configured to beware of extra data consumption.

1.      Stop process of device software download –

  • To do it, go to windows 8 search windows and search devices related options.
  • Here click on Devices option and you get PC settings windows.
windows 8 devices search page
  • Next Check out the metered connection options is off from devices section.
windows 8 metered connection settings

2.      Stop sync settings –

  • In the same page of PC settings window, scroll down and click on sync your settings section.
  • Then at the bottom panel, make sure the metered connection is off.
windows 8 metered sync settings

Test out app usage history in windows 8 –

  • If you wish to discover which apps are consuming maximum data, start Task Manager.
  • Next hit on App history tab from menu panel. Then you will notice about entire network usage from metered network column.
app history of meter network in windows 8

Remarks –

It is important to know for Windows 8 fans, metered connections are accessible only through Wi-Fi connection.

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