Microsoft Introduces Skype in the Workspace

On 8th November 2012, Microsoft launched Skype in the workspace. As you know Skype application existed in 2003 later on it was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 to provide dominant presence in the sector of video calling, instant messaging over internet etc. Last one year & more since purchasing Skype, Microsoft does more changes to enhance acceptability of Skype. Right now, application of ‘Skype in the workspace’ is launched by Microsoft.

‘Skype in the workspace’ opens the door for small business owners to share their experiences with others. The online platform of Skype is helpful for small business tycoon to connect instantly with their customers, suppliers and partners of different locations. It ‘Skype in the workspace’ brings you closer to customers, partners or suppliers. Thus, it is quite effective application to bridge gaps between manufacturers and consumers. Moreover, a team of experts and consultants are always ready at Skype in workspace platform to provide adequate guidance.  You may sign up within 30 seconds using either through LinkedIn or Skype profile. Once you signed up into ‘Skype in workspace’, instant connection with other users will be made. It has sharing tools as well to allow users to share their latest business activities on social media.

More importantly ‘Skype in workspace’ is free to use online platforms for making connections. Undoubtedly it will create new business opportunities worldwide. You may join ‘Skype in workspace’ dais after following link:

Workspace Skype

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