Microsoft PC Manager: Protect System and Boost Performance

PC Manager is a recently launched native tool in the Store to perform multiple tasks such as reducing memory usage, running a Virus scan, managing startup apps, and installing Windows updates. 

Microsoft PC Manager is a built-in performance booster and desktop security tool for Windows in the store. This official app combines the Windows antivirus engine, comprehensively and builds a computer protection system. The PC Manager follows the 4 product principles of simplicity, fluency, close to native, efficient and secure, and pure without disturbance to ensure the security and performance of a computer.

Keeping users’ issues in mind, it provides a one-stop computer problem-solving solution, addressing issues such as malicious system tampering, insufficient computer space, system lag, and excessive pop-up ads, creating a native Windows system experience. The virus scanning process in Microsoft PC Manager relies on Windows Defender. If any third-party security app is installed in the system, the virus scanning function cannot be used.

How to use Microsoft PC Manager in Windows

  • Navigate to this link and click on Download.
  • Run “Microsoft PC Manager Installer.exe” and follow the instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can launch Microsoft Store and manually search for “Microsoft PC Manager”.
  • Install the utility using the button there.
  • Once installed, open Microsoft PC Manager.
Microsoft PC Manager
  • Click on Boost to enhance the performance of your PC. This will reduce memory usage and delete temporary files.
  • For “Health check”, click on it which will head to checking unnecessary files. Select Proceed to delete them.
  • Clicking on Process will take you to the list of processes running on your computer along with End button for each.
  • To terminate the task, click on “End”.
  • Deep Cleanup will show a list of all removable files and folders on the computer; click on Preceed to delete them.
  • Startup will display a list of Startup apps integrated with toggle switches to disable them.
  • Go to the Protection tab and click on Check. This will lead to a quick scan of Windows Defender from the Windows Security app.
  • From the System protection page, you can check for Windows updates and install them, change the default browser, repair taskbar, restore default apps, and manage pop ups.
  • The Storage section of Microsoft PC Manager help run Deep cleanup, manage large files, and use storage sense.
  • Using the Apps, tab, you can handle running processes, Startup apps, manage apps, and open the Microsoft Store.
  • Toolbox is a collection of tools that includes Snipping tool (Screenshot), Recorder, Caption, Notepad, Calculator, and Currency converter.
  • Use these tools to perform your respective tasks.

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Microsoft PC Manager is a handy tool to enhance the PC Performance and simplify other explained tasks. This will certainly lighten your workload when you are trying to run the respective tools from a single interface. However, the PC Manager impacts PC performance to a small extent.

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