Control video and audio speed in browsers with Global Speed

If you are looking for a way to handle video speed on browsers then Global Speed can give you a great experience.

Global Speed is the extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge and add-on for Firefox to control the speed of all video and audio streaming and podcast platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc. You can set different playback rates for different tabs in the browser. If a website allows URL rules, it can automatically determine a custom playback rate. Furthermore, you can use Shortcut keys of your choice to set the video playing speed.

The browser extension Global Speed allows using media hotkeys to rewind or forward, frame-by-frame analysis, adjust volume, set mark, go to mark, AB repeating, and more. You can choose the video to prioritize for specific media hotkeys. The set global mode Hotkeys provides you with ways to handle the speed of PiP videos or background music while running a different app.

Use Global Speed Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension and Firefox Add-on

Global Speed Edge, Chrome extension, and Firefox add-on allow you to apply filters such as mirroring, inverting, contrast, and brightness specifically on videos and even the complete page. Apart from these, you can set hotkeys to adjust brightness or contrast, turn on/off invert, and more.

If we talk about Audio then using this addon and web extension, you can add effects like “reverse audio”, “pitch shifting”, “EQ (equalizer)”, “volume boosting”, etc. Apart from this, you set hotkeys to change pitch, increase volume, and fix sync issues by delaying audio.

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How to use the web extension on the browsers

Google Chrome

  • Navigate to the web page and click on Add to Chrome.
  • Select Add extension.
  • Open the Video page on the browser and click Global speed icon from toolbar.
  • Use different icons such as Live caption, Seek forward, Seek backward, Enter picture-in-picture mode.
Global Speed

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Fiirefox Mozilla

  • Go to this addon page and click on Add to Firefox.
  • Select “Add” and access the video you like to play.
  • Click on Global Speed from the toolbar.

Microsoft Edge

  • Click on this link and select Get on the extention page.
  • Select Add extension and and once installed open this with the icon on the toolbar.

You can navigate to the Github to read more about the web extension.

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