Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts with Downloadable PDF for Windows

The complete lists of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11 or 10 Desktop and web app with Downloadable PDF.

Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts

The use of external keyboards equipped with keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams on Windows is found to enhance the work efficiency of several users. Keyboard shortcuts serve as a crucial alternative to using a mouse and are a more convenient option than a touchscreen for users with vision disabilities or mobility. This post provides a complete list of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts for Windows desktop or web app with a link to Downloadable PDF.

Before starting there are some important things to know. The keyboard shortcuts listed in this article are based on the US keyboard layout. In a shortcut, the presence of a plus sign (+) indicates that you need to simultaneously press multiple keys. In a shortcut, the presence of a comma sign (,) means that you need to press multiple keys in a specific order. Accessing the list of keyboard shortcuts within Microsoft Teams is a breeze. Just press Ctrl+E in the desktop app or Ctrl+Alt+E in the web app to go to the Search field. Afterward, type /keys and press Enter to display the shortcuts list. PDF download link is available at the last of this post. See: Complete list of Windows 11 Keyboard shortcuts with Downloadable PDF.

Full list of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts with Downloadable PDF

Here are Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts with Downloadable PDF –

General Shortcut keys

ActionMicrosoft Teams shortcut on Desktop appFor Web app
Display keyboard shortcutsCtrl + Period (.)Ctrl + Period (.)
Go to SearchCtrl + ECtrl + Alt + E
Display commandsCtrl + Slash (/)Ctrl + Slash (/)
Open filterCtrl + Shift + FCtrl + Shift + F
Go to a specific team or channelCtrl + GCtrl + Shift+G
Open apps flyoutCtrl + Accent (`)Ctrl+Accent (`)
Start a new chatCtrl + NLeft Alt+N
Open SettingsCtrl + Comma (,)Ctrl + Shift + Comma (,)
Open HelpF1Ctrl + F1
Zoom inCtrl + Equals sign ( = )No shortcut
Zoom outCtrl + Minus sign (-)No shortcut
Reset zoom levelCtrl + 0No shortcut

Show keyboard shortcuts

You can access the MS Teams shortcut keys directly from within the app in several ways. The methods below apply to both the Desktop and Web apps.

  • Press – Ctrl + Period (.).
  • Hit Ctrl + Alt + E in the web app, or to go to the Search area, type /keys, and then press Enter in the web app.
  • Click on the Settings and more button from the top-right corner of Microsoft Teams.
  • Select – Keyboard shortcuts.

On Screen reader

  • Press the Tab key to go to the keyboard shortcuts so long as you hear “Settings and more“, and then hit “Enter”.
  • Hit the Down arrow until you hear Keyboard shortcuts, and then press ‘Enter’.

Navigation Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts

Important: If you are using the default app bar setup in the Microsoft Teams desktop app, refer to the table below for the commands to use. In case, you’ve changed the order of your applications or added extra ones, the command depends on the app’s sequential order on the app bar. For example, if you’ve moved Calendar to the uppermost of the app bar, press Ctrl + 1 to open it, not Ctrl + 4. In order to have a look at the keyboard shortcuts for the current configuration, press “Ctrl + Alt + E” in the web app, “Ctrl + E” in the desktop app, or to navigate to the Search field, type /keys, and then hit Enter.

Action Microsoft Teams shortcut on Desktop appFor Web app
Open ActivityCtrl + 1Ctrl + Shift + 1
Open ChatCtrl + 2Ctrl + Shift + 2
Open TeamsCtrl + 3Ctrl + Shift + 3
Open CalendarCtrl + 4Ctrl + Shift + 4
Open CallsCtrl + 5Ctrl + Shift + 5
Open FilesCtrl + 6Ctrl + Shift + 6
Go to the previous list itemLeft Alt + Up arrow keyLeft Alt + Up arrow key
Go to the next list itemLeft Alt + Down arrow keyLeft Alt + Down arrow key
Move the selected team upCtrl + Shift + Up arrow keyNot available
Move the selected team downCtrl + Shift + Down arrow keyNot available
Open History menuCtrl + Shift + HNot available
Go to the previous sectionCtrl + Shift + F6Ctrl + Shift + F6
Go to the next sectionCtrl + F6Ctrl + F6
Go to an open applicationCtrl + F6Ctrl + F6

Messaging Keyboard shortcuts

Action Microsoft Teams shortcut on Desktop appFor Web app
Begin a new conversationCtrl + NAlt + N
Go to compose boxAlt + Shift + CAlt + Shift + C
Expand compose boxCtrl + Shift + XCtrl + Shift + X
Send a messageCtrl + EnterCtrl + Enter
Start a new lineShift + EnterShift + Enter
Reply to a threadAlt + Shift + RAlt + Shift + R
Mark a message as importantCtrl + Shift + ICtrl + Shift + I
Search current chat or channel messagesCtrl + FCtrl + F
EmojisWindows + period (.)Windows + period (.)

Meetings and calls shortcut key for Teams

Important: To use the temporarily unmute shortcut, navigate to Settings =Privacy and make sure Keyboard shortcut to unmute is switched on.

Actions Microsoft Teams shortcut on Desktop appFor Web app
Accept video callCtrl + Shift + ACtrl + Shift + A
Accept audio callCtrl + Shift + SCtrl + Shift + S
Decline callCtrl + Shift + DCtrl + Shift + D
Start audio callCtrl + Shift + CCtrl + Shift + C
Start video callCtrl + Shift + UCtrl + Shift + U
End audio callCtrl + Shift + HNot available
End video callCtrl  +Shift + HNot available
Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts muteCtrl + Shift + MCtrl + Shift + M
Temporarily unmuteCtrl + SpacebarCtrl + Spacebar
Announce raised hands (screen reader)Ctrl + Shift + LCtrl + Shift + L
Raise or lower your handCtrl + Shift + KCtrl + Shift + K
Start screen share sessionCtrl + Shift + ECtrl + Shift + E
Toggle videoCtrl + Shift + ONo shortcut
Filter current listCtrl + Shift + FCtrl + Shift + F
Go to sharing toolbarCtrl + Shift + SpacebarCtrl + Shift + Spacebar
Decline screen shareCtrl + Shift + DNot available
Accept screen shareCtrl + Shift + ANot available
Admit people from the lobby notificationCtrl + Shift+YNot available
Open the Background Settings menuCtrl + Shift + PNot available
Schedule a meetingAlt + Shift + NAlt + Shift + N
Go to the current timeAlt + Period (.)Alt + Period (.)
Go to the previous day or weekCtrl + Alt + Left arrow keyCtrl + Alt + Left arrow key
Go to the next day or weekCtrl + Alt + Right arrow keyCtrl + Alt + Right arrow key
View dayCtrl + Alt + 1Ctrl + Alt + 1
View workweekCtrl + Alt + 2Ctrl + Alt + 2
View weekCtrl + Alt + 3Ctrl + Alt + 3
Save or send a meeting requestCtrl + SCtrl + S
Join from meeting detailsAlt + Shift + JAlt + Shift + J
Go to the suggested timeAlt + Shift + SAlt + Shift + S

Debug shortcut

ActionFor Desktop appFor Web app
Download diagnostic logsCtrl + Alt+Shift + 1Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 1

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Click the download link – Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts.pdf

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