More Fox movies and TV shows at Google Play and YouTube

Source like Google Play and YouTube offers latest movie releases and favorite TV shows of Twentieth Century Fox. As you know well ‘Fox’ is giant media house of USA, which dedicates  itself to make programme to entertain worldwide spectator. If you possess smart phone like Android phone or Tablet or PC connected with Internet then your are liable to use service of Google Play and YouTube. There are more than 600 titles from twentieth century fox will be joining the deck of Google Play and YouTube. These catalog could be owned by anyone through media of Google Play or YouTube after paying rent or buying for ever.

Today you can easily purchase new release naming ‘Prometheus’ of Fox’s in HD, which will be made available at Google Play or YouTube three weeks ahead of DVD release as well as Video on demand. In upcoming weeks you will be able to rent or buy your favorite Fox Movies like Ice Age, X-Men and Black Swan. Besides these popular movies you will able to witness TV shows like ‘Glee’, ‘New Girl’, ‘Modern Family’ and many other through Google Play and YouTube. Talks are on to all six major film studios, and many independent studios to bring their best new releases through Google Play and YouTube.

Remarks: – Presenting latest movie release and live TV Show at Google Play and YouTube is right move of Google management on account of long pending spectator demands. Currently above mentioned new releases will be available in USA. Later on these latest release will be available in another countries.

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