6 Best Tips to Manage files and folders effectively

We keep a lot of files in our computer system ranging from movies to songs to images to PDFs to documents. But when we try to find a particular file it becomes very difficult to find if the things are not organized. If all the files are not organized properly then it would really become a hectic task for us and even Windows search is unable to find the file we search for if everything remains scattered. So, organizing the files is of utmost importance. These 6 tips when combined with one’s own skills would make a great way to manage files and folders effectively and working on a computer would become a very smooth ride.

How to Manage Files and Folders effectively

Using Libraries

The Libraries feature is the most effective feature in all Windows versions of OS. The folders such as Pictures, Music, Documents, and Videos are already present and the files can be stored. The folders can even be customized and created according to the needs. But this Libraries is usually present in the C: drive which is the system drive where the files cannot be stored always. So, for temporary storing of files, this feature is very effective. Windows 10 has not this feature by default so follow – Windows 10 – How to Revert Libraries in This PC Navigation

Using Consistent methods

While deciding how to store files a very effective method should be adopted for naming the folders and this method should be always consistently followed without any exceptions in any case. This method makes the user remember each and every file location.

Giving short names to the folders

While naming the folders, they should be kept short so that they can be remembered. Such that a folder containing storybooks can be named Literature and not My favorite storybooks. The names should be kept short which should be official yet Classy.

Separating the completed work from the unfinished one

As said in point no. 1, the Libraries folder can be used for storing all the temporary files which are active. All the finished tasks can be stored in other Drives. Like, while creating a particular PPT presentation, it can be created in the documents and once it is finished it can be stored back on the target drive or while downloading a file from the internet, the file which is downloading can be downloaded in the Documents in C: and once it is completed it can be stored in some other drive.

Storing similar content together yet differently

All the similar files should be stored together but still separately. For example, all the songs can be stored in the folder songs but yet devotional songs can be separated from movie songs by storing them in different folders under the main folder songs. Similarly, the Hollywood movies, the Bollywood movies, the Tollywood movies can be kept separately in separate folders under one main folder Movies. If you haven’t stored with this method then follow – How to Change Drive to Save Files in Windows 10.

Store the daily used items as shortcuts

The files or applications used daily should either be kept as shortcuts on the desktop or should be pinned to the taskbar. This gives easy access to them.

Thus, these tips to Manage files and folders effectively would truly help in keeping the computer clean internally.

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