More Online Google Art Project to explore

It was April 2012, when Google made announcement to expand his spectrum of Art Project. Since than millions of people around the world have explored activities like Sculptures, Street Art, Photographs and Paintings. At this time round products of 29 art organisations from 14 countries are made available to grasp. More than 35000 online objects are kept on Online Google Art Project to turn users attention. Certainly each and every collection captures eyeball  of users.


Wide range of global institutions are being involved to explore contemporary best art project. Art work of ‘Istanbul Modern Art Museum’, ‘Art Gallery of South Australia’, ‘Museum of Palazzo Vecchio’ etc would be displayed under section of Google Art Project. The idea behind of collection is to make available world class artistic product at same place.

The Google Online Art Project could be used as educational tool for all art students or enthusiast, who are simply curious to know current and yester creativity. Google Art Project has placed a ‘compare’ button on the left side of each painting for examine two piece of artwork side by side to look how an artistic style evolved over time. Moreover, a hangout app has developed on art project  for sharing your favorite collection to someone else.

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