Download Free Windows RT & Windows 8, 10 Product Guide

On 26 October 2012, Microsoft has already put latest windows version as Windows 8 in public. But to install it and operate Guide to Windows 8 Was required. Now Windows 8 has published the guide to Windows RT and Windows 8 product guide. It is on the official website of Microsoft download center, and we are providing a link at the bottom of this article. Windows fans can download free. This product guide explains a lot of fresh and enhanced characteristics in the Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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Key features of Windows 8 product guide

The guide provides valuable information in a wide range of Windows 8 and Windows RT included different characteristics. It guides you to access following windows 8 tools

  • To Connect  and configure with insightful User Interface ( Charms, PC settings and more),
  • To access default metro apps of start screen (Camera, People, SkyDrive, Weather),
  • Detail overview of modern Task Manager,
  • How to setup Multi-monitor configuration,
  • How to enable latest security features of Windows RT and Windows 8

Download link to Product Guide

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