New LCU KB5034218 Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 23H2 rolled out to Beta insider

New CU Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 KB5034218 changes, bug fixes, improvements, download link, and the ways to install.

A few moments ago, Windows 11 Build 23620 arrived at Dev Channel and now the Beta channel has received yet another build. KB5034218 is the Cumulative update that brings Windows 11 Build 22635.3130. This release carries suggestions in Snap Layouts, new settings experience for Widgets, and fixes color font format for COLRv1, RemoteApp windows problem, APN profiles, OpenType font driver, etc.

Full name of the release is “Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.22635.3130) (KB5034218)” more precisely 10.0.22635.3130.ni_release_svc_betaflt_prod1.240112-1317. Let’s see what is new in this build:

Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 KB5034218 changes bug fixes, improvements

Here is the changelog:

Improvements and changes slowly rolled out with the switch turned on*

Snap Layouts

  • KB5034218 LCU will show suggestions in Snap Layouts to help immediately snap multiple app windows together. When hovering over the Minimize or Maximize button on an application or pressing Winkey + Z to open the layout box, app icons will be shown in various layout options to help recommend the layout option that works best.
KB5034218 Windows 11 Build 22635.3130

Improvements and changes slowly rolling out to all Insiders on the Beta channel

Start menu

  • The Recommended section in Start menu was empty for some users in the last build. This is fixed now.


  • After this release, Windows Insiders opted for the Beta Channel who have turned on to unenroll their device under Settings => Windows Update => Windows Insider Program and Stop getting preview builds will no longer get further builds. They will obtain an “in-place upgrade” that will install the Windows 11 23H2 with latest servicing updates available to retail customers. Keep in mind that unenrolling will result in losing some features that are not yet available to retail customers. However, there will be no loss of personal data. To get this function you should have at least Build 22635.3130 in the Beta Channel.


  • The new settings experience for Widgets that began rolling out in early December to the Beta Channel that also introduced the ability to further customize the widgets board experience is beginning to rollout again after being disabled briefly.

Bug Fixes available to everyone on the Beta channel

  • KB5034218 CU addresses a known issue that affects the color font format for COLRv1. It now renders correctly. The system uses this format to exhibit emoji with a 3D-like appearance.
Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 KB5034218
  • Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 affects UEFI Secure Boot systems by adding a renewed signing certificate to the Secure Boot DB variable. You have now option to change this.
  • The new build addresses RemoteApp windows problem that continues on client devices after closing them.
  • KB5034218 addresses Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) HTML preview rendering fails in the Group Policy editor.
  • This rollout addresses a Bluetooth phone call stopping the audio from routing via the PC when you answer the call on your PC.
  • This update makes video calls more reliable.
  • This update addresses an issue that affects Access Point Name (APN) profiles. It stops you from automatically configuring APN profiles for cellular enabled devices. This occurs when you run the “netsh mbn show readyinfo *” command.
  • Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 beta channel release addresses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio earbuds losing sound when streaming music.
  • This rollout incorporates quarterly changes to the Windows Kernel Vulnerable Driver Blocklist file, “DriverSiPolicy.p7b” to add to the list of drivers at risk for BYOVD attacks.
  • KB5034218 Beta channel LCU  addresses LocalUsersAndGroups CSP stops processing group memberships if it cannot find a group.
  • Furthermore, this update addresses certain types of 7-Zip files that appear empty in File Explorer.
  • This update addresses the WMI caching trouble that forces CurrentTimeZone to change to the wrong value.
  • Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 addresses an issue that stops WMI from working. This occurs in certain scenarios with mobile device management (MDM) providers, such as Microsoft Intune.
  • ni_release 23H2 update addresses device intermittently stops responding after installing a print support app.
  • This update addresses Active Directory where Bind requests to IPv6 addresses fail when the requestor is not joined to a domain.
  • Also, this update addresses LAPS Post Authentication Actions occurring at restart rather than at the end of the grace period.
  • KB5034218 LCU  addresses Group Policy Folder Redirection in a multi-forest deployment that stops you from choosing a group account from the target domain.  This results in inability to advance folder redirection settings to that domain. This glitch occurs when the target domain has a one-way trust with the domain of the admin user and affects all Enhanced Security Admin Environment (ESAE), Hardened Forests (HF), or Privileged Access Management (PAM) deployments.
  • Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 ni_release addresses the OpenType font driver, on a certain architecture, affects how text renders for third-party applications.
  • The rollout addresses search not working on the Start menu for some users because of a deadlock.
  • This build addresses changing the keyboard language fails to be implemented in RemoteApps in some scenarios.
  • KB5034218 CU addresses the File Explorer Gallery stops from closing a tooltip.
  • This update addresses the display of a smart card icon that does not appear when you sign in. This occurs when there are multiple certificates on the smart card.
  • Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 ni_release addresses a device shutting down after 60 seconds that occurs using a smart card to authenticate on a remote system.
  • This rollout addresses BitLocker data-only encryption causing an MDM service, for example, Microsoft Intune, that does not get the right data. This problem happens when using the FixedDrivesEncryptionType or SystemDrivesEncryptionType policy settings in the BitLocker configuration service provider (CSP).
  • KB5034218 LCU addresses TPM on certain devices and they did not initialize correctly. As a result, TPM-based scenarios do not work.
  • This rollout addresses a remote desktop client that might connect to a wrong instance of a user’s session that occurs if a user has multiple sessions on the host.
  • Finally, this update makes Windows more reliable during power transitions consequently it reduces the risk of a stop error.

How to download KB5034218 Windows 11 Build 22635.3130 and install

  1. Visit Settings => Windows update and click on “Check for updates”.
  2. Once the build downloading is completed, select “Restart now”.
  3. After the ISO file is located, navigate to this page and download it.

Source: Windows blog.

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