Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

Nova Elements is a fantastic Windows 8.1 App to study the periodic table and the elements properties and atomic structures present in the periodic table. You will be puzzled when you launch this app on your Windows 8 or 8.1 that a periodic table can be made so easy.  This app is a perk for a student who want to learn periodic table, atomic as well as molecular structure In Nova elements you will find a periodic table and when you click on an element its properties will open. So you can read properties of any element through this table.

Nova Elements app  not only shows properties of all elements but demonstrate how electron, proton and neutrons action and distribution in nucleus and orbit to build the element. You can build any element on your own also. Video having description of each element in 12 chapters will clarify your concept of chemistry. Nova Elements is a perfect Windows 8.1 app for the students who want to read periodic table.


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How to Study Periodic Table using Nova Element Windows 8.1 App

  • Download and install Nova Element app from the link given below this post and Launch.
  • After opening the app, you could see the interface on which three round buttons exist. On the homepage of this app three buttons are Explore, Play and Watch.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

  • Tap on Explore Button. You will get the periodic table.
  • Tap on any element to launch a pop up in the left side containing introduction and important facts of the element. Atomic number and structure of the atoms of the element are also given. On this pop up, you can see a green color Build button.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

  • Click on Build button. You find a page where you need to build up atom of that element with the help of protons, electrons and neutrons. Three atom shaped buttons exist at the bottom represent proton, neutron and electron which help you to build the atom.  + and – are used to add and remove particular particle. After building the atom click on Submit button. Submit button approves or disapproves the configuration.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

  • Clicking on Play button. You go to the page where you will get David Pogue’s Essential Elements. In this section, you see daily utility thing’s images connected with their constituents on small buttons.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

  • When you Tap on these buttons you will see molecular structures of that items. As for, if you click on the banana you can see molecular structures of Fructose, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C which are constituent of Banana. Besides of these you can build up the structures of these items and submit. These acts also assist in improving your remembrance.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

  • Click on the button Watch Hunting the Element. It opens a page containing 12 videos in chapters. Each video presents elaborate information on the Elements. You need to only click on videos to grasp detailed knowledge of the atoms in an interesting way.

Study Periodic Table using Nova Elements Windows 8.1 App

On every page, you can see Back, Instruction and Home Buttons on the menu bar.

  • Back button refers to the previous page whereas Instruction speaks as well as writes what to do on that page. Obviously Home button takes you to the homepage of the application.

Nova Elements App Design

Design of Nova Element app is so cool that you will be charmed. Each page of the app is digital clear, smooth and polished too. Navigation is very easy.

Nova Elements App Features

  1. App is free.
  2. Simplifies the difficult atomic structures.
  3. Videos are much interesting.
  4. You can create atoms on your own.
  5. Information on daily utility items in atomic and molecular prospects.
  6. Design is very easy and cool.


In my opinion, the app is a fantastic tool for the students who want to read periodic table and atomic structure. Apart of these they can learn through experiment. This process simplifies the element and molecular structure so much. So you should download this app and enjoy.

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