Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver is available with Cuda 11 package

Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver is available to download under Cuda 11 package.

Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver is available with Cuda 11 package

Nvidia has added a new graphics driver 451.22 to Cuda 11 RC package. This version also comprises WDDM 2.7, which can be used for Windows 10 2004.

The package enables hardware-accelerated GPU planning for a supporting graphics card in Graphics Settings. First of all, some users in the Guru3D forum have extracted the driver from the Cuda and made it available for download. To get detail, you can find the page here (GTX and RTX Version Clean), or here (including the Cuda package 2.7 GB). While installing uncheck the extra options and only install PhysX, USB C, HD Audio, Display driver. You will find display driver in legacy\Display.Driver after the extraction.

Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver in Cuda 11 package

Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver is the second driver version that supports WDDM 2.7 after the 450.99. The normal and current driver version from Nvidia is the GeForce 446.14 WHQL driver. On Github, it is informed that The drivers containing NO Setup, which means you need to install them via Device Manager (manual method). If you want a Setup use the one WITH SETUP.

driver findings

Nvidia Geforce 451.22 driver has the following findings –

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling works now properly in Google Street View.

Nsight VSE in CUDA toolkit 11.0.1 is outdated.

FilesĀ  are

File size – 169MB
File Name NVIDIA 446.16 (Standard).exe
Checksum SHA3-256 – 70026174DA54421D248C3C2A19DCD1FD01FDB0CF5E4A6FBEBBE73852D215E7DF

File size -544MB
File Name – NVIDIA 446.16 (Standard WITH SETUP).7z
Checksum SHA3-256 – DC3036E830636B5BE946DAFFAF67986DFFF76CD204B63A998574BC5A78971C38

That’s all!!!

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