Opera Browser for Android gets new Updates

Opera is a reputed browser and people use opera on Android devices as well as PC so often. Today Opera browser for android has got update. According to Opera, it fixes few bugs and makes minimal changes through this update. Though these bug fixes will improve user experience whatever Android phone or tablet you are using.


When we remove a page from Speed Dial It starts showing an empty space. Now it is rolled out and you will not see the vacant space which looked very awkward. When you will open a tab Speed Dial Screen will be scrolled up. Besides, In omnibar you will see suggestions for Speed Dial Items.

In tablet history, view opera will memorize scroll position. In every tab, the browser will remember expanded history. Now you will have long press the item which you want to delete or remove.

Despite these updates for Opera browser for Android are said to be small, but the user will feel many conveniences in using this browser with the new updates on their Android devices.

 Opera Browser for Android gets new Updates

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