Patch Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Windows 11 & 10 will get security updates

June 14, 2022 is Patch Tuesday and Windows 10, 11, & other operating systems will get security updates with important bug and vulnerability fixes. 

Patch Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Windows 10 and 11 will get security updates

June 14, 2022 is the next “Patch Tuesday”, when Windows 11 and 10, including other operating systems, are going to receive security updates. You might experience Internet Explorer on Windows 11 for the last time because these updates have made full preparation to disable this browser. Currently, most Windows versions are equipped with Internet Explorer 11. Furthermore, June 2022 Security update will address a vulnerability CVE-2022-30190.

CVE-2022-30190 is known as Follina vulnerability. The exploitation occurred in the Microsoft Windows Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) that could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely. This tool forwards troubleshooting notification to Microsoft when users encounter a problem on their local computer. The vulnerability starts using malicious code in a Word document, and the user does not need to launch the file directly.  Office programs in preview mode are affected by the exploit. You might have been the sufferer of this vulnerability for several months. CVSS Rating of this vulnerability is 7.8 and it is kept under Important severity level. The company still has not rolled out any patch except giving some recommendations to mitigate or fix CVE-2022-30190. If you encounter this vulnerability on your computer you should quickly install the release to deploy the Tuesday patch.

June Security updates forecasts for Windows 11 and 10

Internet Explorer is officially getting end of service on June 15 2022 just a day after this Patch Tuesday. Assuming that you still need the browser for important business features, Microsoft provides an option and this is using IE mode in the Edge which will be supported upto 2029. See detail.

The Previous Patch Tuesday ended support for Windows 10, v1909 Enterprise and Education editions, Windows 10 v20H2 Professional edition, and Windows Server 20H2.

Not long ago, there have been discussions about exploitations and vulnerabilities. Symbiote software attacked Linux systems, infecting running processes and heisting sensitive data, and a Facebook and Messenger phishing campaign led millions of users to an infected portal where they entered their credentials and viewed unwanted ads.

Several systems are getting infected by Emotet malware and other which distributes malicious packages.

Patch Tuesday, June 14, 2022 security updates for Windows 11 & 10, Office and Sharepoint Server are supposed to fix CVE-2022-30190. .NET Framework and Exchange Server were updated the previous month, and this time they may not receive any updates. It SQL Server may also receive updates this time.

Both Reader and Adobe Acrobat received updates in April, so a minor update is expected this month.

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