Player One – Lucky Media Player Windows 10, 8 App to Play Audio, Video

Player One – Lucky Media Player is a free Windows 8 App. This app allows you to playback multiple videos and audio formats. It looks like a perfect media player. All the basic features which you find in a common media player are present here except for the srt. You will not find any bug or crashes while using this app. It utilizes very little battery. The sound of Player One – Lucky Media Player is pleasant and it doesn’t breaks on even slightly higher volume as we encounter in VLC media player. It supports the docked view so that one could perform multitasking. It supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

The user interface is very neat and highly polished, and as it seems from the looks of it, you can easily see that a lot of work has been put in the development of this app. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

Total Media Player for Windows 8

You can have the access to this app from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to use and Play songs and videos on Player One – Lucky Media Player Windows 8 App

Running this Player One – Lucky Media Player, will launch a window consisting of all the videos and audio arranged in the form of tiles shown at the left panel of the screen. At the center of this app, there lies a player which runs when you select any video or audio file. Clicking on any file will start the player with that particular selected song. You can select multiple files in a single hand too and then allow them to run automatically one by one. A particular song could also be selected for running for more than one times. At the bottom of the left panel, you will see four options there which are described below:

  1. Play: It consists of all the video or audio files combined together. All you have to click on any of them and press play to listen to them.
  2. Videos: This is same as the first one except for that it consists of only video files.
  3. Songs: This is same as the first one except for that it consists of only audio files.
  4. More: This is the most interesting part of this player. Here, you can see songs based on artists, albums, genres etc. This is the place using which you can export data. Again, this is also the place where you can fix the time in advance for this player to stop. It thus helps you in providing you a sound sleep and saves energy as well. A screenshot of this part is shown above.

Not only Player One – Lucky Media Player app provides you the right player to watch movies, listen to music but it also has some features to be used while doing all these stuffs like: grocery Lists, Shopping lists, business plan and many others. Therefore, you can perform multitasking while watching the player.

Key features of Player One – Lucky Media Player Windows 8 App

  1. Multiple files can be selected at one time
  2. Videos or songs could be played in shuffle, repeat and loop mode as well
  3. Songs could be played based on artists, genres, albums and playlists
  4. Support Full Screen Video
  5. Easy addition and removal of songs from the playlists
  6. Easy import and export of video and songs
  7. Provides sharing facility through SkyDrive or Email
  8. The songs could be played based on sleep mode with the help of a timer
  9. Supports a large number of audio formats like: mp3, mp2, mpa, acc, wma etc.
  10. supported video formats are mp4, avi, asf, wma, wav etc.


Player one- Lucky Media Player is indeed a very neat and clean windows 8 App providing lots of settings along with providing you the docked view. As it supports a large number of audio and video formats, you would love this. This app lacks a very common thing which might let you underrate this app. That thing is the missing of subtitles files i.e. if you are watching a movie or listening to a song and desires to have its srt files, it won’t support that. However, that is not a very big issue. Overall, this is a good app to have with yourself.

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