Post RSS feeds on your Google+ Page Automatically

A social networking site is a great way to communicate with everyone else. One such utility, known as dlvr. It allows you to cross-post your RSS feeds on Facebook, Twitter and it now also supports Google+ as well. The only thing that you need to do is, create a new route in with Google+ as it’s destination and your RSS feeds as it’s source. The dlvr will then constantly check your RSS updates and automatically post blogs to your plus page, concerning your RSS feeds.

You have the option of publishing multiple feeds on your plus page. Corresponding to the trend of the feeds, certain hashtags can also be added. You also have the option of scheduling your posts. Thus, you can control when your feeds will be posted to the plus page.

The is the first web site to offer cross posting services. But, it has two constraints:

(i) The service is not free for Google+ and you need to pay around $9.99 per month to post RSS feeds on Google+

(ii) can be used to publish only web content on Google+. You cannot cross-post personal data on the social networking sites through

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