How to Get RSS Feeds and Read blogs in your Native Language

Most of us have our favorite bloggers whom we have subscribed to constantly receive updates from their page. You only subscribe to a blog when you understand the blogger’s language. But, there are various other bloggers all over the world whose blogs are as interesting as everybody else’s, but we are unable to subscribe them because they write in their native language which we find impossible to understand.

This constraint gets removed if you use Google’s latest translation service called the ‘Google Translation API’. This utility not only allows you to read blogs in your native language, but also convert your personal blog feeds to other languages so that you can widen your blog audience. Some advantages of building your own RSS feed translation service are –

(i) You get to subscribe foreign language blogs in your native language.

(ii) Provide feeds for your blog in multiple languages that allows you to broaden your audience base.

Now let’s go through the steps which allow you to translate your feeds –

(i) Open Google Script and go to File. Under files, click on Make a Copy. It creates a personal copy of the particular feed translation script in your Google Drive.

(ii) Replace the source language (line no.4), the target language (line no.7) and the RSS feed URL (line no. 10) with your preferred values.

(iii) Then go to File again. Choose Manage Versions and choose Save a Version. Leave the description field blank.

(iv) Then go to Publish and click on Deploy as Web APP. Choose’Anyone, Even Anonymous’ under the query  ‘Who Can Access The APP’ and click the Deploy button.

Google Script will offer you a web app link. This link is the new URL for the translated RSS feed which can directly be subscribed in Google Reader or other news reader app that you may use. Google Translate API is a paid service but if you use them through Google Scripts then it is absolutely free.

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