PowerShell 7.0 Release Candidate (RC) Rolled out

Before General availability (GA), the penultimate version, PowerShell 7.0 Release Candidate (RC) has been rolled out.

PowerShell 7.0 Release Candidate (RC) Rolled out

PowerShell 7.0 Release Candidate has been rolled out with some significant changes. The version is more important because it will be supported in production continuously upto the PowerShell 7 General Availability release assumed in the coming month. Most possibly this is penultimate version of the GA.

You can see the PowerShell preview Changelog details on Github. Information about Code cleanup, Tests, General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes, Breaking Changes, Build and Packaging Improvements, and more are available there.

PowerShell 7.0 Release Candidate (RC) Rolled out

The GA release will include a great number of features and changes as PowerShell 7.0 Team declared today. Here is the list of stuff the developers will introduce –

1) .NET Core 3.1 (LTS)

2) ForEach-Object -Parallel

3) Windows compatibility wrapper

4) New version notification

5) New error view and Get-Error cmdlet

6) Pipeline chain operators (&& and ||)

7) Ternary operator (a ? b : c)

8) Null assignment and coalescing operators (?? and ??=)

9) Features Cross-platform Invoke-DscResource (experimental)

10) Out-GridView, -ShowWindow and other legacy GUI cmdlets are back on Windows.

Source – Dev blog.

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