Privacy Fix: A tool to stop Tracking You on Web

Privacy is common concerns when anyone comes to the Internet. Today’s many companies are trying to steal your personal data consequently to make money from them. For such mischievous act, they use Flash Cookies on browser in shape of the advertisement or promotional events. As much as these phenomena happen, so much privacy protection needed to save your data. As you know today’s web browsers are improved a lot to protect Privacy issue of users. But ignorance or sometimes idleness of users could not extract foolproof benefit of privacy security.

Incidents of privacy violation often appear in case of excessive use of Social Networking websites. Large user base of Social Networking sites are breeding grounds for Hackers and Illicit Companies. They never miss any opportunity to tempt users with fake offers.  Therefore, it is required to do some tweaks on privacy matter to stay protected on these social networking sites and browsers as well. In order to get rid of these things, you may rely on an extension, named as ‘PrivacyFix‘. The PrivacyFix extension is suitable for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.  ‘Privacy Fix’ does automatically check privacy setting on browser as well as your online accounts of Social Networking websites.

Once you install ‘PrivacyFix‘ extension in either of mentioned browser, you should log in to your favorite social networking sites. Then ‘Privacy Fix’ automatically functions and check privacy setting and display which setting you need to turn on or off. Through this way ‘Privacy Fix’ solves upcoming or existing privacy violation threats.  Moreover, Privacy Fix has another feature called Health Bar, which helps to keep protected on the web. The health bar uses two colors Orange & Green to indicate security measure. The Orange color of Health Bar indicates Security violation while Green indicates no any threats.

It is needless to say ‘PrivacyFix‘ is a complete package, which offers reliable Privacy security. Anyone has threats about violation of their Privacy on the web should install the extension on Chrome or Firefox browsers. To install ‘PrivacyFix‘ extension you need to follow below link.

‘Download Link of Privacy Fix Extension’

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