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A challenging task for every trader is to identify the best investment opportunities in the markets which is unpredictable. The investment portal should be easy. In this context, the Axis Direct brings an easy to use investment portal. It can be accessed through the official website The investment can be made in Equity, Mutual Fund, IPO, NCDs, Mutual fund and Equity SIP by the use of this portal. Well-informed and timely decisions can be taken with the help of its sharp features and the analysis tools. It ensures a simplified online investment.

To visit Axis Bank online trading website click:

Axis Direct

For beginners

If a newbie wants to enter into online trading and is completely ignorant about its features, then Axis Direct is the perfect place. The basics of the stock markets and the research products can be well understood and learned with its online trading programs, features which are unique and intuitive and content which is very simple to understand. Even as little as Rs. 1000 can be traded online confidently.

For Investors

A click of a button is the sole requirement for getting access to all the research and the trading facilities which are required for the execution of the trades. The Internet or the trade on phone facility can be used anywhere and anytime for placing the trades. Another most striking feature is the availability of the customer service representatives who can be contacted anytime via phone as well as email.

For Traders

A lot of discipline and experience is required in excelling the art of trade. The real time opportunities which are presented during the market hours cannot be missed by the serious traders. The Online Trading platforms EXE and the Applet based can be used to customize the trading experience.

Some of the key features

Single account for investing in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Fund, IPO, NCDs and Bonds, SIPs (Equity & Mutual Fund), Company Fixed Deposits and ETFs.

  • A single platform is found for multiple exchanges as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) (Cash and F and O).
  • Report as well as Order placements can be accessed swiftly with the Shortcut key.
  • The alert settings for the Stock price tagger can be user defined.
  • A single screen shows the market watch.

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