Radeon ProRender plugin Update for Maya Q1 Beta Builds Released

Reputed software Radeon ProRender plugin update for Maya Q1 Beta Builds has been released with multiple features, improvements and fixes.

Radeon ProRender plugin Update

Yesterday, AMD has rolled out interesting updates to the Radeon ProRender plugin for Maya. New features and fixes in the package for Q1 Beta Builds are available for testing. You know Maya is a robust utility for Television, films, and games for simulation, modeling, rendering moreover to create 3D animation.

Radeon ProRender plugin Update introduces a bunch of features, improvements, and fixes. These are Ornatrix Hair support, Installers cleaned up, May 2020 support and many bugfixes.

Radeon ProRender plugin Update for Maya Q1 Beta Builds Changelog

See all the changes-

Ornatrix Hair support

The update comes with a fabulous tool for creating and grooming hair looks. This none other than Esphere’s Ornatrix hair plugin and free to try.¬† Furthermore, it added support for rendering the hair in the plugin. Simply create the hair with their tool and it will be translated at render time.

You can download – Ornatrix Maya.

Installers cleaned up

OpenCL support will no longer prompt in the installer. In case OpenCL device is not available, it will show in the plugin device settings

RPR Lights display in the HyperShade and Maya Light Editor.

Maya 2020 support

Multiple updated shader nodes.  More Maya shader nodes are supported and yield better results.

New features in Radeon ProRender plugin Update

  1. Included support for tapered width hair/curves for xgen.
  2. RPR Light parameters present in the Light Editor and Hypershade.
  3. Multiple Render settings UI changes –
  • Tiled Rendering is relocated to the sampling tab.
  • Adaptive sampling settings are isolated for Final and Viewport Rendering.
  • Completion Criteria Settings are renamed to Sampling Settings.
  • Default for max time is 0 (no max time, rather use max samples by default).
  • Hybrid rendering is disabled in the UI for macOS
  1. The new flags for command line render in Radeon ProRender plugin Update –
  • -stmp – to enable or disable render stamp
  • -devc – to choose render device. Format is “gpu1;cpu”
  • Example – render.exe -r FireRender -of “jpg” -im “test3” -stmp 1 -devc “gpu1;cpu” arealight_test1.mb will enable render stamp and enable first GPU and disable CPU.
  1. A color option has been appended to the IBL node rather than just a map.
  2. RPR file export recognizes Maya frame padding options.
  3. Optimization and feedback of progress are available with GLTF export
  4. Shading nodes updates –
    • Outgoing Vector
    • Object position
    • Vertex Color
    • Random (per object) colorIncluded lookup types to RPR Lookup Node
  • Support for isolated U and V coordinate to Texture Node input.
  • File Texture node supports alpha and – Alpha is luminance – for output.
  • Maya Blend node order is fixed (was backwards).
  • Add support for the Maya clamp node.
  • Place2DTexture node Coverage (v and u) parameters are now respected.
  • Added Support for Maya Bump2D node.
  • Included support for Maya Gamma Correct Node.
  • Added support for Blend 2 Attr Node.
  • Includes support for Texture projection node for texture input. Remark – u, v Angle parameters don’t work yet.
  • Ramp node now onwards works with arithmetic node inputs.

Radeon ProRender plugin Update Fixes

  1. Fixed random crashes on macOS.
  2. Solved a crash when disconnecting Uber material to a blend node.
  3. Resolved a crash when applying a density mask to xgen hair.
  4. Corrected a crash that could occur when a final render is started while viewport rendering is running.
  5. Imported .fbx files could produce empty meshes and crash RPR. The issue is fixed.
  6. Solved a problem with black square artifacts when trying for viewport renders with adaptive sampling.
  7. Corrected a crash of batch rendering that occurred with OpenEXR output.
  8. Fixed Denoising with Tiled Rendering.
  9. When moving an area light in IPR, the area width setting was not respected.
  10. XGen guide hairs are no longer rendered.
  11. IES lights work on macOS.
  12. Solved Area light to meet Maya software renderer better.
  13. Multiple file references to the same file now render each instead of just once.
  14. Handle area light size of 0 correctly.
  15. IPR changes to hair are perfectly updated.
  16. Eliminated the hard limit on # of frames to export in “.rpr” format.

Get the Radeon ProRender plugin Update from the following links –

Windows 10, 8, 7: RadeonProRenderMaya_2.8.44.msi

macOS: RadeonProRenderMaya_2.8.44.dmg

Source – Community AMD.

That’s all!!!

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