Recover deleted Images from Memory Card in Android Phone

Incidentally, you have deleted images from memory card of your Android Phones. When you realize about mistake, you look proper way to recover all recently deleted images. Usually, it is hard to recover deleted images of Memory Card of Android Phones. While you switch to freeware DiskDigger App, problem could be fixed easily on Android Phone.
The DiskDigger app works efficiently on Android 2.2 or higher version. It comes with nice user-friendly interface. Now, it is available in beta version but supports both JPG and PNG format to recover deleted image file on Android Phones. Once you install DiskDigger freeware app on Android Phone, you will be able to recover recently deleted images of memory card. The particular app is kept on Google Play. Now, I am showing procedure of recovering recently deleted images of memory card on your Android Phone.

  • Download and Install DiskDigger App on your Android phone using below link.
  • Once installation completed successfully, go through Device Storage and locate the place from where images were deleted.
  • After then click on Scan button. It displays preview of recently deleted images on your screen.
recover deleted images on android image 2
  • At last press Save button to keep all recently deleted images on earlier location of memory card of Android Phone. 

Download DiskDigger App

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