Best 7 Apps for iPhone Must have with download link

By now, many versions of the iPhone have come to the market with the iPhone 5S with the retina display being the latest inclusion. And as the tradition goes, Apple has never disappointed and always served its best. The App world is ever-increasing. Close to the end of this year, this howto-connect review brings you some of the best and must have apps Apple had ever produced:

Apps for iPhone Must have

Flipboard (Free):
flipboard iPhone app
Page flicking provided is considered an awesome action. We are not going to talk about Facebook or Twitter as these are already on every phone, but Flipboard is a very different one. All the social networking apps are integrated on a single magazine-like page helping to keep a track of these at once.
Download Flipboard
Google maps (Free):
google map app for iPhone
With the display of the iPhone getting better day by day and the technology of the Retina Display, the maps are becoming clearer and vivid. Though Apple Maps are present, but the Google maps are more preferred. For its accuracy and robust database, giving best turn by turn navigation. With the presence of Google Street view and the Google Earth, it is a must have.

Download Google Map

Cut the Rope (99 cents):
cut the rope
Even if Gaming apps are not your personal likes, still addiction is confirmed with this app. A green creepy but a very cute monster Om Nom has to be fed with candies by the use of some Physics based puzzles. The levels are tough but the strategies can be quickly understood and so a must have for the ones with a short span on gaming attention.

Download Cut the Rope

Amazon mobile (Free):

amazon mobile
For hard-core shopping junkies, this is one of the Apps for iPhone Must have. When there is a presence of strong WiFi or data connection, there is no limit to what the amazing Amazon database can deliver. The products can also be compared. The bar code or the product’s image can be clicked and the app compares its price on the online site.

Download Amazon Mobile

Open table (Free):
open table
Download Open table

One of the Apps for iPhone Must have is Open table for all the food lovers. New places or restaurants can be discovered and calling multiple restaurants for booking is the thing of the past. There are various types of filters which filter the results according to the preference. It has a great coverage for abroad travels.

Kayak (Free):
kayak app for iPhone
This app in itself is a delight for the freelance travelers. The hotels, flight tickets and all others can be booked. From managing the packing to the flight tracking, from the airport information to the planning the strategy of the trip, everything at this one stop shop.

Download Kayak

Find My iPhone (free):
Apps for iPhone Must have
This is the best phone tracker for all those who lose their phones. A login should be made with the Apple id and get connected to the iCloud. This will make the phone secure. It will locate its position on the map providing the driving directions. The important information can be deleted, the phone can be locked, a message can be displayed to contact you. And all this is possible till the phone is kept on.

Download Find My iPhone

There are hundreds of other apps. Give your take on your personal favorites. Suggest by joining the discussion forums.

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