How to use Microsoft Office on iPhone, iPad and Nexus

Still, Microsoft has not developed similar MS Office application for iOS and Android devices. As, MS.Office Suite is highly recommended program for any official setup. Therefore, devices like iOS and Android severely need MS Office supports. Amid speculation of availability, Microsoft has said that Office Suite for iOS devices and Android devices could be taken place only in upcoming year. In between Office Suite initiation, users may rely on ‘CloudOn’ app.
CloudOn is the best alternative of Office Suite for iOS and Android Devices. It brings MS Office to iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Android Tablets etc. It synchronizes easily with Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive. Whether you like to bring Office Suite on iPhone, iPad and Nexus 7 then take these steps on trot.

  • At first install ‘CloudOn’ app on your iOS or Android devices by using appropriate below link.
  • Then open CloudOn app and create your account with existing application.
  • Now, make Log in with CloudOn service. When log in will be made, application asks to select either of cloud storage service. You may choose anyone of Google Drive, Box, Skydrive or Dropbox.
  •  After then allow permission to link CloudOn with your’s Cloud Storage Service.
  • Above act asks to make log in with your Cloud Storage Service provider. Once you logged in successful then you are ready to use CloudOn.
  • Now tap on storage location of your devices. Then after tap on CloudOn icon and once tap on New File option then select between Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation or Excel Spreadsheet Program.
  • Assign the project name and tap on create option.
These are required steps to apply, while bringing Office Suite on your iOS or Android devices.
Download CloudOn App (Android)

Download CloudOn App (iOS)

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