Role of Web Designing and Developing in SEO

A search engine friendly website. What do these words mean. A website does not look the same to Tom or any Harry, so it looks different even to the search engine. Designing and modifying a website in such a way so as to make the search engine understand it well. This is what we are about to understand in this post, that how to design websites keeping in mind both the humans and the search engines. This is required by every web developer.

  • Content-  The HTML text format is used to make the website content understandable by search engine. The crawling Techniques has advanced a lot, but still the content which are not text such as the flash files, Java applets or images are always overlooked. These must be put on the HTML text page to ensure they are understood by the search engine.
  1. The search engines can be provided a text description about the visual content with attributes in HTML for the files with extensions such as jpg, gif or png.
  2. The text on the page will well supplement of the java or the flash-in content.
  3. The navigation and the crawlable links will the best supplement the search boxes.
  4. A transcript should accompany every audio-visual content.
  • Understanding the basics: The Web- designer have to design his website as if he is himself the search engine understanding the content and dealing with the indexable content. The web pages should be viewed through Google cache which will show us which content is indexable. Like we can see below that the Homepage of a certain website after viewing through Google cache is not very informative. Thus the search engine struggles to understand such content.
  • This example clearly shows that the search engine has found no content on the following website. The site was directly designed through flash files which means that the text content of the site could not be understood by the search engine. The lack of the HTML text would make it very difficult for the Search engine to rate it.
  • Even the SEO tools should also be used to check that the content of a particular website is very well understood by the search engine. This is true for every type of content present on the website.

Hope, this post has helped you in SEO building.

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