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The whole techno scene has been changed after induction of Microsoft products. The scenario was not even differed when Windows 8 Tablet came in public domain to use. On 13th September 2011, first prototype of Windows 8 Tablet was shown off by Samsung at Microsoft’s build conference. After much speculation and debate, Microsoft launched Windows Surface Tablet in Los Angeles. You may do activities like Drawing, Writing on your Windows Surface Tablet quite efficiently as it runs by Windows 8.

windows surface tablet


The price of Microsoft Surface Tablet is much more affordable compared to Apple Inc’s iPad. 32 GB Wi-Fi only version of Microsoft Surface Tablet is priced on 499 US dollars, which less than 100 US dollars to new Apple’s iPad. On top of the basic model, Microsoft offers 32 GB model bundled with ‘Touch Cover’ for 599 US dollars and 64 GB version with black ‘Touch Cover’ for US dollar 699 per unit.


Before making of Windows Surface Tablet Microsoft has spent lots of time and resources to assure light weightiness and Water and Scratch resistant features of Windows Surface Tablet.  The Windows Surface Tablet has 3 mm thick magnetic cover to provide optimum protection. The thickness and weight of Windows Surface Tablets are something around 9 mm and 676 gram respectively. It has 10 inches HD screen that attract eye-ball of common persons. As far as connectivity concern, it is fully loaded with micro HD, USB2.0 and Micro SD slots. Moreover, Windows Surface Tablet gives best ever Wi-Fi connections through mimo antenna attachment. At 22 degree angle, the camera of Window Surface Tablet is installed to add up more snapping power to you. It includes powerful woofer speakers and microphones. Metro interface keys and advanced Track pads are also part of wonderful device.

This device runs on Windows 8 operating system and used NVidia ARM processor. The RT Version of Window Surface Tablet are available with 32 GB, 64GB and 128GB memory space. All these models are available at authentic Microsoft stores.

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