How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2

Few days passed, an excellent tip has been rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note users.  It is a quick and simple method to unlock Samsung device as well as choice to choose preferred carrier. If Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is locked due to the carrier it is concerned and anyone likes to use it with a different carrier then they have to perform the action of unlocking first. As soon as it is unlocked, the device or Smartphone can be used anywhere without any difficulty.

Obey the following steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone.

Step 1

At first, switch off the Galaxy Smartphone and insert another SIM of any preferred carrier. Then power on.

Step 2

Next, type this code (#197328640#) in the dial pad of galaxy Smartphone.

Step 3

Now, new menu settings screen appears on the Smartphone and browse the following option one by one.

UMTS — Debug Screen —  Phone Control – Network Lock –  Options — Perso SHA256 OFF.

Stay for about half minute.

Next, go to the top side of menu screen and tap on Back option.

Step 4

Under the Network lock screen, tap on NW Lock NV Data INITIALIZE option.

Step 5

Enter this code *#197328640# again for unlocking your galaxy Smartphone.

If all steps are performed in the same as written then your Galaxy S3 or any other variant device will unlock. It means you are eligible to work with any carrier using the SIM card.

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  1. What is the problem with your Galaxy Note N7000. Is noise problem? or anything else.

  2. Please I´need your help about the options to unlock a Galaxy Note N7000 step by step with *#197328640# the menu options it´s different.

    Thks !!!