Save your Data with Opera Max Beta on Android

Opera Mini has introduced a data saving app with new features today i.e. Opera Max Beta. Opera Max Beta works faster and saves your data on Android by compressing video, images, and text used by your device. You can use your favorite apps, browse your favorite sites and useless data while accessing on Smartphone. This app is available now only in the U.S. and Europe but we hope that it will come soon all around. Opera Max Beta is opened up to a limited number of Android beta testers to look that how you enjoy this new data savings app.

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How does Opera Max Beta work

Opera Max Beta uses a Virtual Private Network or VPN in short, to measure all the data usage on smartphone. If the savings data of this app is enabled once then all non encrypted data requests are sent through its compression servers that optimize video, images, and websites to use less data. Now you can only measure the use of data and the savings of data. The savings of data will depend on the applications you use, the kind of media content you access.

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How to Get in Line for the Opera Max beta

The Opera Max Beta is looking for the users to run its servers and see how does it help in savings data. You can join to test the beta program by following few important steps. If you have installed Opera Max Beta then you need not to join the queue. You will be automatically updated. The app will be fully free during the beta period.

Save your Data with Opera Max Beta on Android

1. First of all you have to follow the link of  Google play to get in line for the Opera Max beta. This means you must have a Google+ account to join this app. It should be noted that Android 4.0 or higher is required in the U.S. and the European countries as well as Norway.

Save your Data with Opera Max Beta on Android

2. Now you have to Install and Launch the Opera Max beta app which places you in the queue to get into the beta.

3. You know that the server would handle the load. So you only see your progress in the queue shortly that you will be saving data in no time and then stay tuned. To get the more information about this app, you have to join Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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