SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card in 8 Foreign Currencies

Losing cash always hurts human emotions. When, it happens in way of touring destination, it leaves travelers in miserable condition. To thwart such condition SBI comes with foolproof preparation. State Bank of India (SBI) introduces ‘Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card‘. It is prepaid Foreign currency card, for which travelers were needed most since long time, in touring destination. The Card is available in eight foreign currencies as USA Dollar, Japan Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Saudi Riyal. The Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card stores confidential information in encrypted style. The card assure you to carry cash in more convenient and secure way during world wide touring. You may pay bill of shopping, traveling or even dining through multipurpose Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card.

I want to say here that regarding to facilities provided by SBI a post is written in recent time. It is related to SBI Insta Pay.

Suppose, you don’t have any idea of SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card then you have lone option to bring money along with yourself. In such condition, you have to exchange your currency into existing currency of such country. It would be really tough task to approach specific money exchange counter. But SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card gives freedom to approach specific money changers counters. Apart of it Card offers these things; such as:

  • It relieves travelers from any joining fees, credit limits and annual fees.
  • SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card offers competitive exchange rates as well as multiple reloadable options as per travelers requirement.
  • Messaging service indicates each transactions made through Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card.

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