How to record live TV on your computer step by step

Newly launched models HD PVR by USA based Hauppauge Company permits you to record live TV or playing video game openly on your computer.  After that, you can transfer it to a mobile device and view. Hauppauge Company presents a number of HD PVR models to record live TV on your computer easily. In these tricks, you will know How HD PVR model records live TV in the video resolutions 720 pixels and 1080 pixels.


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Let’s follow tips in step by step

How to record live TV on your computer step by step

Step – 1

Configure Hardware

  •  To record live TV on your computer first, you have to search a stable place to configure the HD PVR device with your media cabinet (TV). Inside Hauppauge HD PVR set-up box you will insert the video cables in the video ports like video-in and Video-out along with audio cables in audio ports.
  • Then install HD PVR hardware driver and all recording software from the provided CD.
  • Now connect the USB cable to the PVR set-up box from your computer.

Step – 2

Configure the recording software

  • Once you install recording software properly on your computer and insert all cables in the suitable ports. Thus, you can launch recording live TV through recording software. Recorded files will be stored default on the desktop located folders or you can change recording paths also.
  • Start recording software and click on Record TV button.

Audio Settings 

  • Choose option for Audio Input as S/PDIF and select 2 Channel Stereo for PC Audio

Video Format Settings

  • For high definition video recording select bit rate as 7 Mbps

Recording format

From this section, you can select any video formats like MTS, TS, or MP4. If you want to make Video DVD disc of live TV recording videos then select MP4 video format.

Step – 3

Beginning Live TV Recording

On Recording software page, click on Save to button at the bottom. Now choose appropriate locations to store recording files.  At the recording software screen, click Capture to begin recording.

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