Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118 Released

The Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118 with no change from that of the previous version of the browser.

Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118

Recently, a new version Microsoft 118 rolled out to Stable and Extended Stable channels with various improvements. This update brought a smarter Search on webpage, a new SmartScreen policy, and update policy. Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118 is now published with no change. This is just as for the previous version.

The Security baseline for version 117 is valid for Microsoft Edge version 118. The latest browser version brought 12 new user settings and 12 computer settings including fixes for 15 security holes and CVE-2023-36559.

Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118

Brieft of the changes in Microsoft Edge 118:

Search on page function is easier and smarter in the latest version as it can now tell related matches and synonyms for the searched word or phrase. Even when you make a misspelled query the browser will recognize and provide with the correct result.

With the effect of this version, MeteredUpdates and MeteredUpdatesDefault policies will let admins handle the Download updates over paid connections setting (You can find them on – edge://settings/help). The MeteredUpdates policy applies to particular apps and MeteredUpdatesDefault applies to all applications. When a policy is configured to Allow, updates occur over a paid connection, for example, B. via mobile phone or other connections where data usage is restrained.

The ExemptSmartScreenDownloadWarnings policy permits administrators to create a directory of extensions with a related list of domains that are exempt from SmartScreen AppRep warnings. Files with file type extensions defined for domains determined by this policy are still affected by file type extension-based security warnings and mixed content download warnings.

See MSCT 1.0 / Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit 1.0 for Windows 10 20H2.

Security Baseline

Microsoft reanalyzed the new settings in Microsoft Edge version 118 and decided that there are no extra security settings that require enforcement. Security baseline for Microsoft Edge 117 will still support the configurations of the latest version.

Download Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 118:  MSFT v117 to v118.xlsx

Source: Tech Community.

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