Share Photos To Facebook Windows 8 / 10 App to Share Images Easily

Share Photo To Facebook is a free windows 8 app which allows you the sharing of images from your local drives to your Facebook Account. You can share images from other Metro Apps by using the share charm facility provided by this app. Win+H is the key, pressing which you can search for images on your windows device and let it be shared to your fb account. You could also see the previously posted images on your fb account using this app. It stays functional even you are using other apps on your windows machine. There is no need of it to being run in the background.

The interface of Share Photo To Facebook app is designed in a very impressive way. You will love its simplicity. Sharing image is very simple and smooth on this app. You can see screenshot:

Share Photos To Facebook windows 8 app

You can have Share Photo To Facebook app from Windows App Store or from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to use and Play with Share Photo To Facebook app

Running Share Photo To Facebook app on your windows machine will open a window like the above shown picture, once you have filled the login name, and password asked by it. This app works on a very simple principle and that is you have to open any app, press Win+H and then select Share Photo. Not only you can share the photos using this app, but you could also email this photo to your friends through your email id or keep this on your SkyDrive Account. All these three different features, you can access from the right panel after pressing Win+H key.

If you are willing to share a large number of pictures it is a good practice sharing them by making an album separately. If you wish to do so, specify a caption and an album for your photos. You could also view your photos your photos shared on Facebook along with other albums present on your fb account previously. To see the photos present inside an album, Clicking on any of the images opens it up in full screen view, and below is how this gallery looks like. Once an image is opened on the screen, you can swipe forward and backward to see next and previous images respectively. You can even rotate the photo to see the way in which this pic was taken. On this app, you can share photos from camera app as well. If you have a tablet installed windows 8 on it, you can simply swipe from the right edge to activate share charm facility.

 Note: Share Photo To Facebook app does NOT allow you to leave comments, like or share these images, simply allows you to view them.

Key Features of Share Photo To Facebook App

  1. Completely free App.
  2. Share to Facebook from apps such as Photos app, Camera app, etc.
  3. Supports Facebook Captions.
  4. Provides facility to view all your Facebook photos.
  5. Provides the easiest way to share photos on Facebook.
  6. Swipe to easily see the next photo in any album.
  7. Supports creating and uploading of new albums.
  8. No promotion of ads.
  9. Simple and Smooth User interface to navigate and use..

Final Note

Share Photo To Facebook, indeed a nice app used to share images stored on your local drives to your Facebook account. Working on this app is very easy and smooth. This is a worth trying app for all those who love sharing photos on Facebook. Please do comments your views in the box provided below.

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