How to Shift From Start Menu to Start Screen on Windows 10

Windows 10 has brought back the old Start Menu with enhancement. When you click on the Start Menu you view the desktop programs list and Start Screen live tiles as well. Within the Modern UI in the Start Menu, you get a glimpse of Windows Store too. Windows 10 also provides you the right set of circumstances to shift from Start Menu to Start Screen. When you disable Start Screen your Windows 10 Start Screen look shifts to  its earlier, but much faster and advanced version, i.e. Windows 7 containing Applications live tiles and the Start Screen returns backs, and you get your PC like Windows 8.1 PC with the desktop and if you enable.

But the question remains at the same place that Shift From Start Menu to Start Screen on Windows 10. Here we are presenting Windows 10 tips following which you can do it.

So follow Windows 10 Start Menu Tips:

How to Disable or Enable Full Screen Start Menu in Windows 10

Shift From Start Menu to Start Screen on Windows 10

Settings App

Step 1 – Begin this procedure by clicking the Windows button at the extreme left corner of the taskbar.

Windows icon left of taskbar

Step 2 – On the appearance of Start Menu, click Settings, the 2nd last icon.

Start Menu second last icon Settings

Step 3 – Now, the Settings home page will be visible on the computer. In the home page, various categories are present, hence, locate and click on Personalization.

Settings homepage Personalization category

Step 4 – Next, on the left column of Personalization category, click the 2nd last tab that reads as Start.

Personalization Settings Start tab

Step 5 – Moving ahead, shift to the right portion and there locate a setting labeled Use Start full screen. Now, when you notice it, turn it to ON position.

Toggle ON Use Start full screen

Step 6 – Finally, take a look at the Start Screen by clicking the Windows button.

Shift Start Menu to Start Screen

Tablet Mode

Step 1 – Start this method by pressing WIN+A keys and then you will come across Action Center.

Step 2 – If all tabs are not visible, click Expand.

Action Center Expand button

Step 3 – Now, locate and click the tab that reads as Tablet mode. Soon, the appearance of the taskbar will change.

Action Center Tablet mode tab

Step 4 – Ultimately, click the Windows icon and take a glimpse of the Start Screen.

Shift From Start Screen to Start Menu

Step 1 – First of all, bring the Settings home page by pressing WIN+I keys.

Step 2 – Now, in the Settings interface, locate and click Personalization icon.

Step 3 – Click the Start tab.

Step 4 – Next, on the right portion, turn OFF the option labeled as Use start full screen.

Step 5 – Alternatively, you can also get back to the desktop mode.

You will get back the Start Screen on your Windows 10 PC.

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    Windows 10 is appalling!! All my e-mails have disappeared,the task bar has vanished and I want my money back.

  2. haven’t been able to use windows 10 yet????

  3. I hate windows 10. wish I had NEVER downloaded. Can’t figure how to stop password log in. I want AOL as main screen when I hit explorer. I finally found how to turn off that blasted voice that told me everything where the mouse went. I want to beat the crap out of this computer. Maybe now is time to look for an apple computer.

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