How to show Unread Messages Counter on Gmail Tab

It would be a long association with you and Google Mail app for emailing service. I am talking about Gmail, who offers clean and clutter free email service. It provides secure and ultra fast emailing service compared to nearest rival. Therefore, Gmail popularity is always on higher side.

While connecting to Gmail, you notice the total number of messages are kept in Inbox with the tag of the number of unread messages. To check these unread messages in Gmail, you need to click on such message and view then after back to the earlier location.

You have to do such act multiple time for viewing all unread messages. Certainly, act like this needs the higher degree of restraint. To soften act of reading unread messages, Gmail Tab Feature is imagined. It will be pretty helpful to show all unread messages in new Gmail Tab.

Though Gmail Tab imagination is in experimental state. But it allows checking a number of unread messages with softening stance. Once you enable Gmail Tab feature, then there is no need to access Gmail page again and again to view the total number of unread messages. To enable Gmail Tab feature, you need to follow below instructions.

  • Log in to your Gmail Account after then click on Gear Icon and select Settings option as well.
  • In Settings panel click on ‘Lab’ button.
  • Now scroll down existing Gmail Page and find feature ‘Unread Message Icon’. Just enable this experimental function and Save all these settings.
  • Once you complete above proceedings, your Gmail Tab will be reloaded automatically with new-made changes.

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