Podcasts! app for windows 8 /10 – watch video and listen audio free

podcast consists digital media like audio and video recordings that are released in episodes. It is generally come public on week or daily with the purpose to download, stream online to computer or Smartphone. A Podcast episode is made by any type of content like current political talk, experts view or analysis about upcoming smartphones or cars. Although such types of episodes are popular on television shows in present times. Different television shows, everyone can produce and subscribe an individual podcast over the internet.

Now windows store has released several podcasts app that lets users to save and listen or watch podcast episodes. In this context I have selected Windows 8 podcasts app titled podcasts!. It renders you to snoop audio and streams video podcasts smartly via various groups on Windows 8 metro interface.

How to install Podcasts app from windows store?

  • Go to start screen and press shortcut (windows key+ F) to highlight search charm.
  • Type podcast on search box and click on Store tile.
  • Then click on PODCASTS! tile in app search lists in windows store and choose install button.

How to access Podcasts! app on windows 8 ?

  • The main interface of Podcasts! app appears neat and clean with the combination of orange and pink background. It presents a vast collection of podcasts episodes inside several groups on its first page.
  • The first group named Featured offers admired and significant podcast channels of current time. When you scroll straight on app page, it displays another group like Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, Health, International and Lifestyle.
  • While you click on any podcast groups, it lets you to watch and listen podcast episodes from its lists.
  • While you watch any video podcast, a playback control button appears in the top-right side.
  • In Podcasts! app, you can access search charm (pressing shortcut – Windows key +Q ) in order to look for specific podcasts episode via its name.
  • If you don’t like current background (combination of pink and orange) of podcasts app then the settings charms facilitates to change new background quickly.

The Podcasts! app is compatible to all latest Windows 8 edition and RT (32 bit and 64 bit).

Install Podcasts !App from Windows Store