How to sign digitally on general Non-PDF Text Documents

The concept of paperless office work is not only viable in reducing the load of managing the clutter of files and loose sheets but also helps in saving paper which goes a long way in helping preserve trees. Although, today’s computerized atmosphere provides a lot of help in achieving a paperless office, still some very necessary things that require paperwork. You may receive a contract through fax which you will have to sign and fax back. There can be PDF document that needs to be printed, signed, scanned and then mailed back to the client.

Such things are very time-consuming and don’t allow you to have a paperless environment. In such cases there are certain tools, tips and software that can help you to complete your work without using paper at all. Digitally signing documents is one such way.

Digitally Signing Document

There are many options at hand that you may use to digitally sign your documents. Some of them are listed below:-

(i) If you have a touch sensitive mobile device like iPhone, iPod touch etc then use apps as Fountain Pen or Sketch Pad to draw your signature using your fingers and then you can transfer the image to your PC.

(ii) If you do not have a touch phone or scanner then you can perform a simple trick. Put your signature on white paper and then take a photograph of your signature with a digital camera or mobile camera.

(iii) Use any easily available graphics software like MS-Paint or even an online image editor as Splash Up and draw your signature with the mouse pointer.

(iv) You can choose a direct option as the Live Signature where you can draw your signature on the screen and then click on’create signature’ option and download your signature as an image.

This image can then be simply pasted on any document below the text and thus the document gets validated with your digital signatures on it.

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