Social TV: Chrome Extension to watch Free TV Channel live

In the concern of streaming free TV Channels on computers, numerous applications have been developed. Out of these applications, I find ‘Social TV’ application is pretty nice that broadcasts top 100 TV channels on your PC. You can get more information as well as the installation process of Social TV application in remaining part of this article.

Indeed, Social TV is an effective tool to install ti watch TV live on Chrome browser. It offers top 100 TV channels from almost every category, including News, Entertainment, Music, Movie, Education, Shopping, Weather, Business, Cartoon, Religion etc. Popular channels like Star Movies, ESPN, Fox 11, CNN Live, Al Jazeera, BBC London, CBS Sports, Cine Motion, Express-News, Cartoon, Undercover TV, Mega Movies, 18 Horror, etc to watch are in the chest of ‘Social TV’ application.

Once it is required to install ‘Social TV’ application on Chrome browser, you need to access Chrome web store. Then after navigating Social TV extension. After then, you need to Sign in with your Google Account credential. Now press ‘Add to Chrome’ button, which appears on right on the top screen. Such exercise asks to press ‘Add’ button for confirming installation of ‘Social TV’ on Chrome browser.

Without accessing Chrome web store, you can easily install ‘Social TV’ extension on Chrome browser with the help of below placed link.

Download Social TV (Chrome Extension)

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