Six Technologies of Today which would Exist Forever

Whichever large machines, which are very complex and sophisticated have been made to ease our life, but a needle has not lost its importance. Large vehicles achieving speeds up to 500 km/hr have been discovered, but a cycle has not lost its importance.
Large televisions have been discovered but newspaper is still the most conventional way to know the happenings around the world. In the same way there are still some technologies which will never be forgotten and will ever remain immortal. Lets see a few of these:

Qwerty Keypads

This technology has been in use ever since the first typewriters came into existence since 1878, and will ever remain. Great steps have been taken in the fields of voice recognition, hand writing recognition and gesture controls are even allowing small children to control complex gadgets, but still all the official documents will be made by typing over keypads. Though the physical feel is disappearing with the advancement of virtual keypads in tablets or mobile phones. Whether, virtual or physical, keypads will never be forgotten.


Though we are entering the post-PC era, it is wrong to say that PCs are being forgotten. People are spending more and more time on their Smartphone and tablets than on OS based desktops. But, real king size work involving multi tasking can only be achieved with PCs. Though, with powerful processors, the mobile phones are becoming computers, but still conventional will be continued only over PCs.

USB Ports

Life would have been very difficult for us without data transfer. In that case every system would have become a stand alone. But this small technology USB meaning UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS has kept up to its reputation and has made the whole universe come under one roof. A charger can charge almost every phone available, a same flash drive can be used over any device for data transfer. Though more advanced ports are being developed daily but a USB will always stand among them.

Local Storage

As the internet and the broadband services are becoming more cheaper and faster, it is the belief of some mortals that online storage will come into existence. But they don’t understand the that the best way of protecting the data is storing it on hard disk drives. Even the broadband speeds are very fast, but still conventional methods of storing information on hard disk, CDs and flash drives can never be can never be replaced by any other storage. Moreover, online storage may be subjected to theft while local storage will never have such problems.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Yesterday , today and even tomorrow world will be powered by lithium ion batteries only. These power all gadgets like laptops and Smartphone. With the coming years, a new development on increasing the energy density to fit more mAH is being done. Though new developments are on the go but they can never replace these power sources.


Now, can we return back to barter system, of exchanging goods or should we completely rely on debit cards, ATM cards and online transactions. Whatever happens, we can never forget the feel of a paper note in our hand. It is a great way of maintaining the privacy because the person whom we are paying would never come to know even our name, leave alone account number. So we can never imagine a world without paper and metal money.

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