How to Skip Boot Manager During Windows 10 Startup

When Windows 10 system starts up, a typical issue is faced by the users. They receive a Boot Manager asking them to pick up appropriate OS, even if the system has only Windows 10. This is an unnecessary request when only one OS is installed in the machine. So, to skip this step, in this post, we will walk through the process for how to skip boot manager during Windows 10 startup.


Boot Manager During Windows 10 Startup

The Startup and Recovery settings list up two options under System startup that allow definite time to display the list of operating systems and time length to display recovery options. Those two options are laid with a certain time period that the Windows boot manager brings up all the time the Windows 10 starts up. The fix is very simple, set those two options to zero and save the changes. Let us begin How to Skip Boot Manager During Windows 10 Startup to avoid pick up an OS time and again while you are booting up your machine.

How to Skip Boot Manager During Windows 10 Startup

  • Jointly press Windows and X keys and select Control Panel from the arrived bar.

Control Panel from Power user menu

  • Make it into the small view and choose System symbol.

System icon small view in Control Panel

  • Administer a hit on Advanced system settings on the left fringe.

Advanced system settings link under System

  • This brings System Properties window where Advanced tab will be shown by default.

Advanced tab of System Properties

  • Under that same tab see the last portion which is of Startup and Recovery and make a click on its Settings button.

Settings button of Startup and Recovery under System Properties

  • In the next opened window, just under the System startup segment, the Default Operating System will be shown followed by two options – 1. Time to display list of operating systems and 2. Time to display recovery options when needed. Deselect those two options.

Uncheck System startup section options

  • Implement the alterations by clicking Ok button.
  • Restart the system.

The reason for Windows Boot Manager to come up on every startup is the “time to display list of operating systems” was selected and also a certain time period was assigned after whose lapse the system starts up by itself. Hence, in order to skip this, you have to make a minute change. Do the above steps and see that henceforth it will not occur either at startup or during restart.

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