Smart Music for Windows 8 / 10 – Play music according to mood, weather

At present, there are many websites and apps for Android and iPhone that let us listen to music according to our feelings such as Google Music, Xbox, Pandora. Now an app named Smart Music has come for windows 8 edition with similar features. This app offers to listen music according to feel and contains built-in player to stream the songs on single click.

How to install Smart Music app from windows store ?

  • At first, start windows store and type Start Music in metro search.
smart music app search
  • From store search page, click on correct icon then choose Install button.
install smart music app in windows8

How to access Smart Music app?

  • The main interface of the Start Music app has been divided into several mood section like Happy, Sad, Crazy and Sleepy. While clicking on any section as a result it starts a song with integrated player quickly.
smart music app main interface
  • A notification shows “I’m feeling … click here to let me know” just click ‘here’ on upper right panel of Smart Music app. It facilitates to start music as per our mood or present weather like Rainy All, Cloudy and Snowy and from Morning, Evening.
  • Next click the blue tick button to explore a directory of music or song according to our inquiry.
choose mood in smart music app
smart music app showing albums
  • Next click on Play button to stream desired song by integrated music player. This app also offers to share selected songs to our friends with the People or Mail app.
smart music app showing share option

Smart Music app runs on Windows 8 Pro, Enterprise or RT (both 32 bit and 64-bit versions)

Download Smart Music App  from Windows Store

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