Some expected Products of 2012 Which did not see Arrival

The year 2012 was a year of great gadgets which rocked the cyber world. Technology has gone a step further in making our life easier. But as you know happiness always brings some disappointment. The year we expected some of the products which should have arrived, but never came. As we are nearing the Christmas, let us review some of them and hope for their arrival in 2013.

Full Smartphone integration in a car radio: This means that just as we are able to use our Smartphones which are solving our everyday problems, the car radio should also become such smarter being able to run all the smart apps, being more intelligent to understand the driver and integrate with him. Oh1 come on we are living in an age where everything is becoming smart, smartphone, smart apps and others. Then, why not a smart car? Apart for building a tablet in their dash by Tesla and Hyundai giving iPad with their cars, there have been no significant changes. Hope, it is fixed in 13’.

Wi-Fi on an airplane: I know I am talking rubbish. WiFi already exists on an airplane, but what I mean to say that it is a crap. Streaming live movies would be a fun. Without a movie service and without making big payments if the streaming of the movies is made on tablets and laptops, then I will have a list of reasons to take holidays. Hope to see it 13’.

Flying car: Yes, why not. Who does not want to fly? And the traffic problem would be solved in a jiffy. Some of the prototypes came in late 70’s which guaranteed a success in near future. But, after a span of nearly for decades, nothing is seen yet and it is my feeling that it would take some more decades to turn into a reality.

Wireless Charging: OMG! An electrical toothbrush that can charge automatically, then what about the laptops and tablets. Why has this technology not been integrated in these devices which have become a family member in one’s life. People get sick of the wires which tangle a lot and cause a lot of harassment. This is definitely a technology which I am lusting for. Let us see the fate in 13’.

iPad mini with the Retina Display: I am really happy with the Apple’s decision to launch a small device in its family. The brand Apple is one of a kind and any device it launches has an aesthetic feel. The iPad mini rocked the market with its specifications, form factors and other features and raced against all other tablets in the market. But, what was disappointing was the absence of the Retina Display. Though it did not matter for those who did not use a Retina Display device. But, those who used it with previous devices were bit sad. Well, it is sure to get upgraded in 13’.

This was my take on what should have arrived. Do give your personal choices to make life much easier.

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