Smooth scrolling to Scroll Web Page in Easier Way

Over the years passed by, we have seen huge changes in the field of the internet. The broadband connections have revolutionized the speeds which had brought impact in other fields too. The content in the web got richer. The multi-page websites got crunched to the single page websites. This is evident from the very example. Three to four years back, the Google images used to open in different pages. Each page showing only a particular number of images.
Specific Point linking on a page: When creating smooth scrolling links on the different points on a page, we are given a tool by the HTML known as anchor. It’s working is as follows:

  • At the point of destination, a named anchor tag is added which is not visible to the surfers.
  • At the point from where the link has to be created, a # followed by the destination anchor is given.

Being fully functional, this method of Smooth Scroll has a drawback. It makes an instant jump from the point on the link to the destination point without the content in the middle being visible. We have seen many buttons on web pages like “Go to Top”. Clicking on this we, instantly reach the top, but the middle content is not visible. Thus we feel dejected.

The solution: The easiest solution to this is the same concept with slight modifications. The destination point should be reached, but not instantly. The scrolling should be smooth, though taking less time. This is evident in many websites where we can see the button like “Scroll to top”. Clicking on this moves the page to the top, but not instantly rather smooth scrolling giving a view of all the content being skipped. Thus, we can clearly understand the path used, the link and the destination link like in the ball where the bowler, the track of the ball and the destination to where the ball has been thrown. But, in the previous traditional method of instant jumping, the track is not known, just the destination target like the bullet.

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