smss.exe in Windows 10 – What is it and How does Work?

Here, in this article, we will talk all about smss.exe in Windows 10 as what exactly the .exe file is and how does it work. When your computer faces high resource usage issue you might have a doubt whether this file is not a culprit. Else, is this executable file a malware is the question of several users needs to be answered.

What is Smss.exe in Windows 10 and what it is doing on your PC?

Smss.exe stands for Session Manager Subsystem where .exe is the extension of an executable file. You might find this as a process in the Task Manager of your PC. This file was introduced in Windows NT and now occupies a place in core files of Windows 10 with unique features. At that time smss.exe used to handle startup up process only, however, in recent updates of Windows 10, its work has been enhanced. Now it controls dozens of works like environment control, starts winlogon.exe, creates virtual memory etc.

smss.exe in Windows 10

Is Smss.exe a Virus in Windows 10

No, Smss.exe is not a Virus in Windows 10 but built-in and genuine program from Microsoft. It is a tiny file and consumes very little system resource you can analyze on the Task Manager.

Working Process of smss.exe file

The main function of smss.exe in Windows 10 is to handle the works of operating system initialization, such as it controls when winlogon.exe and cross.exe works. The program also creates a virtual memory where works of one process reside and another executes. It makes your system smooth while handling the execution part effectively.

If multiple tasks run at the same time into your system, your PC might stop responding (i.e., hang, freeze, crash, corrupt). Here smss.exe comes into use to perform them simultaneously without any issue.

If smss.exe a malware with a similar name?

.exe file can mislead you to think it as some sort of malware. It may create nuisance while working on PC. Here is the easy way which can be used to distinguish between malware and core file:-

At first, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL simultaneously using the keyboard. Select Task manager from the interruption screen.

Here look out for smss.exe file in Details Tab.

Once found, right click on its name and then press “Open file location”.

If the path displayed is C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is nothing to worry about. This is just a regular file of windows OS which keeps on running to make your system smooth.

If the path is different than the above-mentioned then it might be a malware residing there to corrupt your PC.

Some review says that in some computer, it may consume more than 50% memory. If you encounter the same issue too then find this file in Task Manager and check out the path of smss.exe. In such case, you can follow the below written steps to curb this file:

1. Keep your antivirus up-to-date and Windows Defender on.
2. Run chkdsk command into your system
3. Identify if certain device drivers are outdated and update them.
4. Check your hardware
5. Delete the smss.exe file

Disabling of smss.exe in Windows 10

smss.exe is a built-in file of Windows 10 and hence can’t be disabled. Microsoft itself takes care of various .exe files into the system. Still, you try to disable this file, let me remind you that it might cause an error.

Different Parasites which Support smss.exe Virus

Smss.exe virus can come into your PC from various websites. Some of the common webpages from where it would enter your PC easily are – DreamAd, KillSec, YahLog, Gammity, Sober.x, MDSA SentinelX, Employee Watcher, and Many more.

These parasites can use this executable file for various purposes on your System. Its functionality depends on what a web page is looking for from users. You can guess your PC to be infected with this malware if the below written signs are observed in your system:

a) Programs keep on crashing, freezing once opened.
b) The system appears sluggish
c) Can’t open particular files
d) Receive numerous error onto your PC.

We have told you at the starting of this article that this might be a legitimate file of windows 10. Hence you can’t just go and find this file and delete this file as this may hamper your PC. Making sure that it is harmful, run a good Antivirus to scan your system and remove all those related files which are malicious files and are just using excessive resource of CPU.

Malware enters your PC by different modes

Once you have come to know about this smss.exe in Windows 10, you might have noticed there are numerous other executable files which are an important part of Windows 10. Thus, various virus spreading companies try to reach out to you by various means and try to show that their files are, in fact, genuine. Therefore you need to be careful and avoid the following cyber threats:

While working on emails, always check the information about the sender and look out for other suspicious things which are attached along with a received.

Be careful while looking for a freeware download or software update as these are a big cause for infecting your computer.

Avoid visiting high-risk and dangerous webpages. You can always get the signal by looking at its https color. If this is green it is fine, otherwise just close the webpage.

Make habit of not clicking on lucrative offers.

And at last, try to avoid illegal content because this is the hub of potentially dangerous files.

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