Some Energy Tips to remember before buying and using the electronics

We cannot think our life without the electricity. It accounts for a large part of our life. It is estimated that the computers, printers and the Wi-Fi routers together account for about 25% of the electricity bills. The electronic items are becoming more and more efficient in terms of energy consumption but there use is also increasing tremendously, and the prices of the energy are also rising. There are several tips that are there which will help you understand where the places electricity is most are wasted and how to save it. This article is the compilation of such tips:

  • Turn off the items when not in use: The Phantom or the Vampre loads is the concept wherefore the device continues to consume electricity even when it is switched off. This is the problem with about 75% of the electronics used nowadays. This is the problem with many kitchen electronics and the main culprits are the chargers. The devices are often taken away and the chargers are left to the power sockets kept on thinking that there is no power consumption. The devices which go on stand-by are the worst consumers. Therefore to cut off the phantom loads, it is better to turn off the devices and unplug them.
  • Customizing the Windows Power Options: There are many power options on the Widows computer which can be optimized properly. The time can be changed for when the computer might dim, when to turn off the display, when to put the computer o sleep or adjust the brightness. In a lower power mode the computer consumes lesser energy and the cooler also works for a long time. And when the computer is not in use it should be shut down or kept in hibernation and it is a wrong concept that the screen savers save power.
  • When buying the electronics: On buying a new and efficient device cuts off a lot of electricity consumption. But, it is not a good idea to replace a full functional device because it is consuming a lot of electricity. As the recycling of the bulk device consumes a lot of electricity specially during the production, transport and the physical or the chemical breakdown of the device. While buying new electronics, the ENERGY LABELS should be checked properly. About half the energy is consumed by the devices which have the energy star. They also offer the low power mode where the consumption becomes less than 15 watt. Complete information of the equivalent labels of the area should be gathered understand the power consumption.

Therefore these are some of the tips which you can follow to cut down the extra load over the pockets and you can also devise many by your own. It all depends upon the thinking of the user.

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