Tips to follow after installing Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

Much after the success of the last version 12.10, the developers Canonical have come with their latest publications, Ubuntu 13.04 codenaming it ‘Raring Ringtail’. There is a new set of features packed into this new Operating which really prove helpful in the day to day computing. The various changes that have been made in this new Operating System are as follows:

  • The Windows Snap Animation has been redesigned
  • Unity Previews
  • Dialogs For Shutdown have been redesigned
  • Per-App Toggles to edit actions of different apps in single service
  • The Ubuntu One has made Sharing Options easier
  • Intuitive Bluetooth Menu
  • Photo Lens for Strong Integration with Social Networks.
  • The Window Switching has been made easier
  • Speed Is Increased

Ubuntu 13.04 is strongly recommended for those ardent Ubuntu fans who want a easier interface for daily computing. But to get the best of this Operating System there are various activities which have to be performed after the installation. This article gives you the details of all such activities.

Additional Drivers

This version is the most compatible with the latest configurations of the hardware and the user has to install a lot of drivers. Also for enabling some third party functionalities such as the Graphic card driver, they have to be installed as soon as possible after the installation of the Operating system. This is very important for the users who are into extreme gaming or watching high end videos. Third party driver installation is also required for some of the Additional Wi-Fi cards.

ThirdParty Codecs

The Ubuntu Linux cannot play the audio and the video files by default due to some of the restrictions which have been put. Therefore, this feature can be set when the installation is in progress of after the completion of the installation process. Visit this link third party codec third party codecs should be installed without which the videos and the audios cannot be played.

Integrating the online account

There are some of the special features which have been included in this Operating System which makes the surfing of the social networking sites easier. To use these services, the social media like the Facebook and the Twitter has to be connected to the Ubuntu PC. The App-per Toggle restricts specific applications to access the SNS accounts.

Set Up Ubuntu One

If you don’t want to miss the 5 GB storage space offered by Ubuntu, then you have to integrate the Ubuntu One service after the installation. It is a crossed platform which makes accessing files from any where possible. The sharing options are much advanced in the latest version.

Axe Amazon suggestions

This is the feature for the Dash Home Search where some of the features are shown in the pop up box to help the user. This version of the Ubuntu integrates Social media with the desktop which makes accessing these sites much easier.

Therefore the overall impression is that it is a very good Operating System with some work to be done to get its best functionality.

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