Some Hidden Blogging Platforms you may use

An avid blogger remains active on most blogging platforms so that he/she can expand viewership base and communicate with a larger group of blog readers. But, writing a blog on any prominent single issue and then publishing it separately on each platform turns out to be unnecessarily tedious because you are required to type the blog separately for each platform.In this case, it would be highly beneficial of using apps and blog editors that cut short these steps.

This article tells you of some good apps which help you in this respect. With these apps, you can easily cross-post or cross-publish a single blog entry. Some of these apps are mentioned elaborately, below: –

(i) Blog It!

Blog It! is a Facebook application by TypePad that lets you post a single blog entry across various platforms. The best part of this app is that it does the work in a single click. Once you start using this app, you need to associate all your blogging platforms with this app. The Blog Editor feature allows you to type your blog. Once done, you can tick mark all those platforms where you intend to publish the blog and then click post. Thus, the blog gets posted simultaneously to all those platforms.

One thing that is to be kept in mind while using this app is that it supports only plain text. Yet, if you do include some HTML tags then this app has no problem in accurately parsing them and associating them with your blog. It supports almost all the popular blogging platforms as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, My Space, Live Journal etc. Simple and easy to use, Blog It! is the first choice of many bloggers when it comes to cross-blogging.

(ii) Write to my blog

It is web-based utility that allows you to write your blog and simultaneously publish it on various blogging platforms. The one constraint of this editor is that it supports only Metaweblog API blogging platforms as WordPress, Blogger and other such platforms. You have the option to either register yourself or use the utility as a guest. The only problem you face,using it as a guest is that you need to fill in the blog details each time you use it.

(iii) is meant for those who do not stay at a single place in the internet and keep moving from Facebook to instant messaging services, e-mail or even using a mobile phone or say, a standard web-based editor. offers you blog posting facility from all the above mentioned places. Although, Ping supports micro blogs or short posts much better. Your posts automatically turn into tiny URL links. It supports MySpace and Flickr too.

( iv) Windows Live writer

It is a full feature blog editor that has all the necessary features as image uploading etc that help you into developing a full blog. It has a WYSIWYG interface, but the process of publishing a blog on various platforms is not simultaneous. You need to choose a platform and publish the blog on it. Next you need to change the current platform and publish the blog on it again.

Though it is slightly tedious compared to the above mentioned utilities but the other advantage of such a blog editor is that it expands your blog platform availability to even lesser known platforms as Windows Live Spaces, Xanga and Drupal etc with the popular ones already present.

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