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Internet Explorer tag includes Guides, tips, and fixes regarding Internet Explorer Browser on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Fix: Internet Explorer Not opening in Windows 10 1809, 1803

Fix Internet Explorer Not opening in Windows 10 1809, 1803 - Image 2 Microsoft has acknowledged that a new issue after the May 2019 cumulative updates – Internet Explorer Not opening in Windows 10 1809, 1803 and lower versions. It’s all happening when a bug in the latest round of patch breaks down the browser completely and that’s why causes fail to drive the application. According to the […]

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Manually in Windows 10

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Manually Pic 1 Internet Explorer, for many users, seems to be an outdated browser which lacks various features that the modern third-party browsers offer. Especially, after the advent of Microsoft Edge, least number of people use this on Windows 10. Several reasons might also lead to Uninstall Internet Explorer manually as other browsers are faster and provide more security along with new […]

How to Export Internet Explorer History Into Excel (CSV)

IEHistory.csv How to Prevent Chrome Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically in Windows 10 – Sometimes an arrangement is made for the convenience of users and oppositely creates annoyance. For instance, when you access to explore particulars of a Windows app in a browser it suddenly kicks you off to Windows Store. Hence, here we are

Add More Data Storage for Sites to Internet Explorer (IE)

value data section Internet Explorer has a certain limit (10MB) fixed for the data storage and it is filled up quickly if you visit sites frequently. Even if the data storage of Internet Explorer (IE) reaches it maximum level, there is a solution applying which you can increase the data storage and enjoy surfing always. So be

How to Restore the Last Session in Internet Explorer – Fix

You might have noticed that your Internet Explorer shuts down or refuses to respond because of unavoidable circumstances. But when you restart your system the Internet Explorer takes you back to the last session. This feature of Internet Explorer really works wonder for you as you can get back to your last unfinished work

How to Use and Remove Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

internet explorer 11 home screen Currently the recent version Internet Explorer 11 is present in windows 8.1 preview. Now windows 7 users can also grab it free. The top feature of Internet Explorer 11 lets you to boost overall performance improvements with support of a fresh JavaScript engine. It also supports 3D hardware accelerated web graphics and processional worth